Coffee recipe.

Coffee recipe.

Coffee recipe.

Coffee recipe. Coffee taste qualities: how to choose your taste.

Much of our life begins with this drink: a new day, a romantic date, business negotiations. Of course, we are talking about coffee.

Much of our life begins with this drink: a new day, a romantic date, business negotiations. Its pleasant aroma lifts the mood and fills the heart with warmth. This is the most favorite and most consumed drink in the world. As you guessed it, it's about coffee.

To experience the true pleasure of a cup of fine drink it is important to know the kind, grade and brand of coffee.

Usually, in mass production, today a mixture of coffee beans is used. Despite the fact that there are more than 90 species of trees, mainly consume fruits of two types: robusta and arabica.

For the mixes, grains are selected that can strengthen and complement each other's taste, hide flaws and emphasize virtues. It can be grains with different degrees of roasting or mixed in different proportions. The result is a unique taste that is different from other varieties.

Non-mixed coffee grades include grains grown from one type of tree.

Not experienced in this matter, can say that there is no difference in the different coffee. Believe me, it is.

For example, "Arabica" (Kenyan coffee) has an acute tart taste. But "Arabica Medellin" (Colombian coffee) - soft, with a slight sourness and a sweetish tinge.

Of course, recognizing coffee varieties is the work of specialists. Lovers of this delicious drink is important result.

It is very interesting, what flavor flavors have the grains grown in different countries.

If you like a soft, rich flavor with a nutty taste, then you need to pay attention to "Arabica Tarraz". His homeland is Costa Rica.

Admirers of light bitterness with tartness will like Brazilian coffee "Arabica Santos".

Interestingly, did you have to try coffee with a wine taste and a chocolate tint? Yes, there is one. This is Yemeni coffee "Arabian Mocha". Also has a strong intoxicating aroma and wine color Ethiopian coffee "Arabica Harar".

Indian grains "Arabica Mysore" also with a wine tinge, but slightly sour taste. Fans of a rich strong flavor and sweetish hue can try Hawaiian coffee "Arabica Kona."

The pledge of a good and delicious drink is the roasting of grains.

For example, for the preparation of espresso, the highest degree of roasting is used - Italian. Grains are fried at a very high temperature until black. This allows you to maximize the taste and aromatic properties of coffee.

Less strong roasting - French - the most popular in Europe. The grains of this roast are dark and oily, and the drinks are obtained with slight bitterness.

And here in the French press are added grains with an average degree of roasting, which is called Viennese.

Finally, the easiest degree of frying is Scandinavian. Grains have a light brown hue and sour taste.

Coffee recipe.
Recipe of the Italian coffee drink "Bicherin"

"Bicherin" (bicerin) is a traditional coffee drink from Turin. It is served there since the 18th century. About this drink was positively responded by Alexander Dumas.

The drink is served in layers and served in a glass. It consists of hot chocolate, espresso and whole milk. To assess the originality of the drink, you need to drink it without mixing the layers. So you will experience three flavors: chilled cream, hot coffee and bitter chocolate at the bottom of the glass.


Milk - 1 glass
Freshly ground coffee - 2 tsp.
Cream (20%) - 50 ml
Cream chantilly (35%) - 100 ml
Dark chocolate - 100 g
Water - 100 ml

Cooking method:

Pieces of chocolate are combined with milk and cream (20%). Heat to boil. Boil for about a minute.

In Turks, combine water and freshly ground coffee. Bring to a boil over low heat. Hot coffee strain.

Fill a 1/3 glass with hot chocolate. Top with coffee. In order for the layers of the coffee drink to have a sharp boundary, gently pour on the blade of the knife or on the back of the spoon.

Chilled cream (35%) beat into a thick foam. Put the cream on top of the coffee.

Coffee recipe.


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