Coffee in Vienna.

Coffee in Vienna.

Coffee in Vienna (with cream).

Coffee in Vienna. This is coffee with whipped cream. In Austria there are about 50 ways of making coffee.
Here, also the Viennese "melange" (coffee with milk, whipped cream and chocolate), and "blondl" (coffee with apricot schnapps, honey and cream), "fieker" (coffee with rum or brandy).

Coffee in Vienna.


ground coffee - 2 tsp;
drinking water - 200 ml;
cream (not less than 33%) - 50 ml;
sugar powder - 2 tsp (or to taste);
dark chocolate (if desired) - about 15 g;
sugar - on request and to taste.

Coffee in Vienna.

Cooking method:

1. Since the coffee in Viennese is served hot, first of all we will do the preparatory work, namely, we will skim the cream.

2. Do not forget to pre-cool the dairy product, since warm cream whipping can simply exfoliate

3. We start working at the lowest speed of the mixer, gradually increasing the speed of the rpm.

4. It is important not to overdo it with the whipping process: as soon as the creamy mass has gelled and begins to hold the shape, add the sweet powder to taste and turn off the mixer.

5. If you do not stop during the time, the cream can be divided into butter and milk whey

6. Whipped cream whilst we put it on the shelf of the refrigerator and proceed to cooking the coffee.

7. We lower the portion of ground grains into the Turk.

8. If desired, add sugar to taste.

9. Pour in cold drinking water.

10. The dosage of the liquid can be varied by increasing or decreasing the strength of the beverage.

11. We place the Turk on the fire and wait for the moment when the coffee starts to rise, after which we immediately remove the drink from the plate.

12. Strain through a fine sieve, we pour coffee into a high transparent glass.

13. We get the whipped cream out of the refrigerator and quickly, with confident movements put it into the glass.

14. If there is a desire to decorate the drink beautifully, you can put the creamy mass in a culinary package and apply circular motions to the surface of the coffee.

15. You can also buy ready-made whipped cream, then the process of making coffee in Vienna takes only a couple of minutes.

16. If desired, sprinkle the drink with fine chocolate chips and immediately proceed to the tasting.

17. Viennese coffee with cream is ready
Have a nice cup of coffee!

Coffee in Vienna.


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