Cocktail Orange Blast.

Cocktail Orange Blast.

Cocktail Orange Blast.

Cocktail Orange Blast. Wine beverage, vodka cocktails, drinks with vodka.

A bright characteristic of fire cocktails is their strength, which is why they are popular for the most part among the males. A beautiful half of humanity also likes to watch such "performances", because burning alcoholic cocktails are a whole art.


1 h. L. dried mint;
2 h. L. dried thyme;
Sugar 100 g;
200 ml rum or vodka;
400 ml of white wine;
200 ml of orange juice;
1 lemon.

Cocktail Orange Blast.


Mint and thyme pour into a thermos, pour 300 ml boiling water, cork tightly and leave for 1 hour. Then strain, add sugar. Carefully stir. Sugar should be completely dissolved. Give some time to cool down.

The resulting infusion add orange juice, rum or vodka, white wine. Mix everything.

Lemon pour hot water. Remove the thin layer of peel. From the pulp squeeze the juice. Juice Add to drink. Put it in the fridge for 30 minutes.

Chilled drink pour into glasses. Garnish with zest. Serve with straws.

Cocktail Orange Blast.

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