Choux pastry pasties ON.

Choux pastry pasties ON.

Choux pastry pasties ON.

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INGREDIENTS: Choux pastry pasties ON.


Water - 150 mL;
vegetable oil - 20 ml;
Eggs - 1 pc.;
Salt - 1 hour. L.;
flour - 450 g.


ground beef - 200 g;
pork flesh - 200 g;
fat - 50 grams;
broth - 50ml;
onions - 150 g;
salt - to taste;
allspice - 3 g;
ground red pepper - 3 g;
Parsley greens - 2 tbsp. l.;
sour cream - 100 g.

oil for frying 300 ml


In a pan with a double bottom to pour water, add salt and vegetable oil. Put on the stove and bring to a boil.
Immediately pour half cup of flour (of the total) and mix without removing from the heat, the dough should form a brew and plenochku at the bottom of the pan. Remove from heat, cool a few minutes.

I Put the dough in a bowl for whipping. Add one egg and stir it into the dough until smooth.
Start kneading the dough, gradually adding the remaining flour into it. It can certainly be done manually. Flour may take a little less, it depends on its quality.

As a result, the dough should have a sufficiently tight and obedient. Cover it with foil and set aside.

Prepare the stuffing.

Meat and fat (I have no fat, but only for the reason that I could not find it) scroll in a meat grinder. Put in a bowl.
In a blender chop the onion to the state of slurry. Add all the meat.
We should add chopped greens. Add salt and pepper to taste. Knead well minced.

And now a "secret" ingredient. Add sour cream and minced meat broth. Mince the consistency becomes like a thick paste. Sour cream can be replaced and cream.

From dough to form a sausage. Then cut it into equal pieces, weighing approximately 65 g I got nine pieces of equal size. Once I had them rolled into a thin cake, and trimmed using a disc diameter of 21 cm. As a result of the remaining scraps I gather up another 65 grams of the test for a full ten cheburek!) And filling enough for exactly this amount chebureks.

So, roll out dough cake and spread a thin layer of stuffing on half of tortilla.
Cover with the other half of the dough on top and press down, allowing the air to go inside to pasties when frying not greatly inflated. The edge can be cut shaped wheel.

And you can just as it should flatten with a fork. The main thing is that the edge has been carefully sealed and the filling did not come out during roasting!

Prepare the way all 10 chebureks.

In a deep frying pan, pan for deep frying heat the vegetable oil. Check the heating oil is easy, just throw in a bit of butter or dough dip the tip of the wooden skewers. If the oil was bubbling, it is ready. Fry pasties in one or two, turning very gently to inadvertently pierce.

Ready to lay down their pasties on absorbent paper (paper towel).
And serve immediately! 😉 Bon Appetit!

Cut a cheburek - a "crime"! 😉 But it's just to show you what he is thin and juicy inside with precipitated broth!

Choux pastry pasties ON.

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