Chocolate pudding.

Chocolate pudding.

Chocolate pudding.

Chocolate Milk and Cocoa Pudding.
This is just a godsend for lovers of chocolate desserts. The pudding is easy to make and very tasty and tender.


Milk (cream) - 500 ml
Sugar - 60 g
Flour - 20 g
Cocoa Powder - 20 g
Yolk (optional) - 1 pc.
Chocolate - 80 g
Butter - 20 g
Nuts (any) - for decoration

Chocolate pudding.

Cooking Pudding:

1. In a bowl, mix sugar, cocoa powder and flour. Mix well with a whisk.

2. Now add a little milk from the total amount and one yolk to the dry mass. Mix everything well with a whisk so that there are no lumps. Yolk can not be added, but with it the consistency is more tender.

3. Put the remaining milk to heat on the stove and as soon as the steam goes and the milk becomes hot, add the previously prepared mixture to it.

4. Stirring the mass with a whisk, we wait until it begins to boil. Do not make too much fire so that nothing sticks. After the first bubbles appear, boil the mass for another 30 seconds and add butter and chocolate to it (I use dark chocolate with a cocoa content of 70%, but milk can also be used if desired). Constantly stirring, we wait for the chocolate and butter to completely dissolve and remove the mass from the fire.

5. Pour dessert into portioned cups, decorate with nuts, leave to cool to room temperature, and then put the pudding in the refrigerator for 20-30 minutes, after which you can enjoy a delicious dessert.

Chocolate pudding.

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