Chocolate Pancakes with Banana.

Chocolate Pancakes with Banana.

Chocolate Pancakes with Banana.

Chocolate always goes well with any pastries. It can be put not only in the filling, but also added to the dough.

Banana with vanilla accentuate the bitter taste of chocolate. Products are tender and mouth-watering. Baking served with tea, coffee, with milk, juices. Suitable as a sweet dessert for lunch.

For the test, take:

flour - 100-130 g;
milk - 500 ml;
eggs - 2 pcs;
sugar - 50 g;
cocoa powder - 20 g;
salt - a quarter of a spoon h;
vegetable oil - 3 tablespoons of st;

Chocolate Pancakes with Banana.


bananas - 2-3 pcs;
chocolate - 100 g;
walnuts - 100 g;

How to cook:

Beat eggs with salt until lush. Add cocoa and sugar, milk, flour and knead the dough. Pour in vegetable oil.

Bake pancakes in a heated pan, frying them on both sides. Dissolve chocolate in a water bath.

Combine sliced ​​bananas with crushed nut. Put the filling on the pancake, roll it with an envelope.

Top the product with chocolate.

Pancakes with banana - a delicious dessert, quite simple to prepare. You can add bananas to the dough itself, or you can make a banana filling. And if you dream a little, you can make banana rolls or pancakes with banana and chocolate, fruit salsa.

Chocolate Pancakes with Banana.

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