Chocolate fudge.

Chocolate fudge.

Chocolate fudge.

Light, porous fudge is a type of milk iris. It is prepared in a bowl with a thick bottom, since the mass has to be boiled to such a consistency when a drop in cold water turns into a ball (about 40–45 minutes).

The cooked fudge is whipped until thick and light grit. Only after that it is poured into a mold, cooled and cut or broken into pieces. It is so tender that it literally melts in your mouth.


Sugar - 2 cups
Butter - 75 g
Pasteurized milk - 150 ml
Condensed milk (with sugar and cocoa) - 150 ml

Step by step recipe.

To prepare fudge, you need to take granulated sugar, butter, pasteurized milk and milk condensed with sugar and cocoa.

Cooking chocolate fudge. Put all the ingredients at once in a thick-bottomed pan.

Cook the mixture over low heat with constant stirring until sugar is completely dissolved.

Fire increase, quickly boil the mixture and reduce heat again. Remove the pan from the heat when a drop in cold water turns into a ball.

Beat the hot mass until it becomes thick and slightly grainy.

Line the pan or baking sheet with oiled parchment, pour the finished mass into it and cool. You can use a silicone mold, which should be lightly greased with oil.

Cut the frozen fudge into squares. Have a nice tea party!

Chocolate fudge.

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