Chocolate Fudge with hazelnuts.

Chocolate Fudge with hazelnuts.

Chocolate Fudge with hazelnuts.

Chocolate fudge cake.


Chocolate - 200 g,
Condensed milk - 150 g,
Cinnamon powder - 1 tsp.,
Hazelnut - 100 g,
Pretzels - 50 g,

Cooking process:

Chocolate Fudge is a soft spicy chocolate fudge with hazelnuts. This dessert will please everyone - both chocolate lovers and children. Everything is prepared quite simply and quickly, in the preparation I used salted pretzels, in the original recipe it is not.

Prepare the ingredients for the chocolate fudge with hazelnuts.
Hazel the fried in a dry frying pan until the skin begins to crack. We do this so that the taste of nuts is clearly pronounced.
Next, peel the nuts from the skin, as it will.

Chocolate will be melted in a water bath. Therefore, we take a bowl that fits the diameter of the pot in which there will be water. Chocolate we break into pieces, add the condensed milk. At me - milk chocolate, but will approach also bitter.

Next, add ground cinnamon to taste.
We put the bowl in a water bath, stir well until a homogeneous plastic mass is obtained.
We add hazelnuts, mix.
I will pour the chocolate fudge into the container with the lid. So I'll store it (it's convenient). Take a square or rectangular shape, spread it with food film. We lay a layer of pretzels (this is optional).

Pour the chocolate mixture into the mold, distribute it evenly. We lay another layer of pretzels, and they need to be slightly pressed. If you cook without pretzels, then according to the original recipe chocolate fudge should be sprinkled with large sea salt.

We clean in the refrigerator for several hours.
Cut the chocolate fudge with hazelnuts into cubes. We serve.

Chocolate Fudge with hazelnuts.


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