Chocolate cookies with coconut cream.

Chocolate cookies with coconut cream.

Chocolate cookies with coconut cream.

New desserts recipes with photos. Dessert recipes with photos simple and delicious. Cookies turned out so delicious that is beyond words! And it is chocolate! The next day, the liver becomes soft (from cream), and it seems to me that even tastier!


For the dough:

250 gram - flour
25 grams - Cocoa
100 grams - icing sugar
200 grams - butter
2 pcs. - yolk
0.5 hours. Disintegrant l

For cream

3 pcs. - yolk
50 grams - Sugar
20 gram - flour
200 grams - Hot moloka;
40 grams - coconut

For decoration

chips of coconut
shokoladny cream;
shokoladnye ukrasheniya.

Chocolate cookies with coconut cream.



1. Snachala cook cream. It is better in the evening, that he za night cold. In kastryulku I kladu yolks and sahar. All peremeshivayu whisk. Zatem dobavlyayu coconut, all snova peremeshivayu. Now flour nasypala again meshayu dobavlyayu and hot milk. Again all peremeshivayu well.

2. The resulting massu stavlyu nA medium heat, constantly pomeshivayu and varyu to zagusteniya ,. Cream ostavlyayu the night on the table, so that it thickens when temperatury fine room. On the morning of the cream should zagustet well, it should not rastekatsya. Cream poluchaetsya very tasty!

3. Now prepare the pastry. Creamy maslo fine room temperatury and saharnuyu kladu powder in a bowl and beat with an electric mixer, zatem dobavit yolks. Snova peremeshat mixer zatem dobavit kakao. Vzbivayu until smooth and dobavlyayu razryhlitel and flour. Flour dobavlyayu chastyami. Dough vymeshivayu, skatyvayu kolbaskoy, zavorachivayu in plastic wrap, in zatem kladu paketik pomeschayu and in the freezer for zastyvaniya.

4. With a sharp knife narezayu circles, zatem vykladyvayu circles on a baking zastelenny bumagoy on rasstoyanii from each druga, because baking it increases slightly. Vypekat gradusov at 180 for 10 minutes. Time obyazatelno zasekite. Tak kak will be difficult to determine how the baked cookies.

5. Cookies poluchaetsya very soft and delicious. When the pastry has cooled, it namazyvayu cream. The cream should be on the surface raspredelit rovnenko. When nakryvayu second biscuits, a little prizhimayu to cream with a little kraev got. Excess cream ubirayu and leveled strip krema. Poluchaetsya about 20 such double cookies.

6. Cream ukrasheniya. Pokryvat can shokoladnoy pomadkoy, shokoladnoy glazuryu, ukrasit cream.

Chocolate cookies with coconut cream.




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