Chocolate candies with cheese.

Chocolate candies with cheese.

Chocolate candies with cheese.

We make homemade sweets from dark chocolate with cheese filling according to the Italian recipe.

Based on the results of studies, experts determined that the combination of cheese and chocolate makes an ideal pair.

Making chocolate candies with cheese in your kitchen is very simple, but your household will be delighted with their unique taste.


Dark Chocolate - 1 Bar
Hard cheese - 300 g

Chocolate candies with cheese.

Cooking sweets.

Cut the cheese into pieces the size of a half walnut.
Chocolate must be melted. To do this, we make a water bath: we take a large pan with water and put a small pan in it.

We send chocolate to a water bath and wait until it melts.
Dip the cheese into the melted chocolate, pricking it with a toothpick or other suitable item.

Chocolate candies with cheese.

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