Chocolate Bounty at home.

Chocolate Bounty at home.

Chocolate Bounty at home.

Chocolate three-layer bounty Bounty at home.

Friends, I bring to your attention a very delicious recipe for the Bounty cake. It consists of three layers. The process of preparation is quite simple.

Although it will take a little of your time. But the taste of chilled cakes is so good that it is undoubtedly worth it. Since this dessert can easily be frozen, it can be prepared in advance.

Especially, the cooler the pieces of this cake, the more delicious.


• Butter - 250 g;
• Sugar - 50 g;
• Cocoa powder - 5 table. a spoon.;
• Egg (lightly whipped) - 1 pc.;
• Vanillin - 1 teaspoon.;
• Waffles (crumbs) - 1,5 glasses;
• Coconut shaving - 1 glass;
• Walnuts - 0.5 glasses;
• Vanilla pudding - 3 table. a spoon.;
• Milk - 50 ml;
• Sugar powder - 2.5 glasses;
• Chocolate black - 200 g.

Chocolate Bounty at home.

How to Make Bounty Cake:

1. To make this wonderful dessert. First we prepare the basis. 100 g of butter is melted in a saucepan.

2. Add sugar, cocoa. Stir until homogeneous.

3. We mix the egg and vanillin. We remove from the fire.

4. Add the wafer crumbs. It can be replaced with a chopped chocolate cracker. We put coconut shavings, nuts. Well we mix.

5. We put the resulting mass in, greased with butter, square shape. Pressed. The form should not be wide. We put in the refrigerator for 20 minutes.

6. Now prepare the creamy layer. To do this, 70 g of softened butter thoroughly whisk the mixer to a creamy-like state. Add the powder to make the vanilla pudding and milk. Continuing to beat, gradually add the powdered sugar.

7. Pour the mixture over the base. We put in the refrigerator until this layer thickens.

8. Now we prepare chocolate topping. Pieces of chocolate and the remaining butter melted in a saucepan. Slightly cool. Then pour the chocolate into the mold with a third layer. We put in the refrigerator, but only until the chocolate starts to harden.

9. Then we make the "marking" with the knife. That is, we plan future cuts. Before the top layer becomes hard, cut the dessert into slices. We do it with a hot knife. We wipe it clean after each cut.

The dessert is served on the table in a cooled form.

Here's a recipe for a cake bounty turned out!

Chocolate Bounty at home.


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