Chicken steam cutlets.

Chicken steam cutlets.

Chicken steam cutlets.

Chicken steam cutlets with sauce. Prepare for dinner !!!

na 100gramm - 176.12 kkal

B / M / Y - 11.36 / 13.91 / 1.35


Chicken meat or minced meat - 600 g
Bulgarian pepper of red color - 1 pc.
Tomatoes - 1 pc.
Egg - 1 pc.
Dill - a small bundle
Salt pepper - to taste

For sauce:

Butter - 3 tbsp. L.
Lemon Juice Juice
Parsley and dill
Salt pepper.

Chicken steam cutlets.


1. Cut the greens and vegetables in a blender. Meat is scrolled through a meat grinder or also chopped in a blender. You can take ready-made stuffing. Mix the forcemeat with vegetables, add the egg, condiment. All the mix well. Form the cutlets. Cook in a double boiler for 20 minutes (so in the recipe, but I cooked 30. I'm afraid)

2. Prepare the sauce: cut the greens. Melt the butter, add lemon juice, herbs and seasonings. Remove from heat. Cutlets served with sauce.
Personally on my own impression - insanely delicious! So dietary and easy!

No garnish is needed! For myself, I discovered such a delicious combination of pepper, tomato and chicken. At first glance, the mince was thin, after all the tomatoes gave juice, but the steamer kept it all together! Cutlets well, very juicy and tender!

Bon appetit!

Delicate and juicy cutlets go well with any side dish or vegetables, perfect for a family lunch or dinner. Check out this easy chicken cutlet recipe!

Chicken fillet cutlets - a dish rich in animal protein, vitamins and minerals. Prepared according to all the rules of a healthy diet, they can be included in the diet menu.

Juicy, tasty, tender and soft chicken breast cutlets, steamed or in the oven, will become an indispensable dish for young children.
It is also a great option for those who monitor their health, prefer low-fat products, or simply want to lose weight.

Chicken steam cutlets.

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