Chicken roll in a dairy package.

Chicken roll in a dairy package.

Chicken roll in a dairy package.

Healthy chicken breast recipes.

You will need:

chicken weighing 1-1.2 kg
2-3 spoonfuls of gelatin
black freshly ground pepper,
favorite spices to taste
empty rectangular-shaped milk carton pack

Chicken roll in a dairy package.

1. Rinse chicken, cut the meat from the bones. Cut into pieces the size of a phalanx of the middle finger.
If you want your roll to be dietary, remove the skin.
Do not throw away chicken bones and skin. They will make a magnificent broth.

2. Pieces of chicken salt, pepper. Pour 2-3 spoons of dry gelatin on them. Stir thoroughly. Do not soak gelatin, it needs dry!

3. Take an empty, washed bag from under the milk. Fill it with chicken stuffing. Close the top with a stapler or paper clips.
Then put the package (Attention: Do not put, but put it!) In the bowl of the multivark and pour until the bend of the water package (about the maximum mark). Cook for 2 hours in the "Quenching" mode.

4. After the roll is ready, carefully remove it from the boiling water. Cool in a standing position and send to the refrigerator at night.

5. In the morning, put the bag on its side. Carefully open and cut scissors. It turns chicken into a jelly.

Attention! Do not cut the package in a standing position, roll can break.
Also, I do not advise preparing a dish from one breast - it will be too dry.

Chicken roll in a dairy package.



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