Chicken breast in pesto with spaghetti

Chicken breast in pesto with spaghetti.

Chicken breast in pesto with spaghetti.

Italian food.

Chicken breast with pesto, which we offer you to cook right now, one of those dishes that we love for the perfect combination of time spent with the result. That is, by this dish, you will not have to stand at the stove all day, and the result is sure to please you and your guests.

We will need these ingredients:

• Chicken fillet - 4 pcs.

• Spaghetti - 400 g

• Garlic - 2 cloves

• Basil - a small beam

• Pine nuts - a large handful

• Parmesan cheese - 40 g

• Olive oil - 1/2 cup

• Salt and freshly ground black pepper

Chicken breast in pesto with spaghetti.

Cooking method:

1) First, prepare the pesto: pine nuts fry in hot dry skillet. Stir, do not forget, they should be fried for about 3 minutes. On a fine grater Parmesan sodium. Wash, dry basil and garlic cleanse.

Grind in a blender basil and garlic, add salt, pepper and half the cheese and pine nuts 2/3. Half of the olive oil and pour again vzbey in a blender until a paste.

2) sprinkling the chicken fillets with salt and pepper. Fry fillets until golden brown about 2 minutes on each side. Brush the fillets every pesto shift in a baking dish in a preheated oven 200C send about 10 minutes.

Boil the pasta, as described in the instructions on the package. The finished pasta laid out in the dish, we shall cut fillet slices and lay me beside spaghetti. The finished dish sprinkle pine nuts and cheese. A delicious dinner is ready! Bon Appetit!

Chicken breast in pesto with spaghetti.



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