Champignons baked with quail eggs.

Champignons baked with quail eggs.

Champignons baked with quail eggs.

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The biggest misconception concerns cholesterol in quail eggs. Sometimes they say that it is not there in principle. In fact, this indicator in eggs quail is high.

More than 800 mg per 100 gproduct, but partly offset by the lecithin contained in them. And here again it will be appropriate to remind you of reasonable consumption.


12 medium mushrooms;
12 quail eggs;
1 onion;
2 tablespoons sour cream 20%;
50 g of semi-solid cheese;
2 tablespoons of vegetable oil;
ground black pepper;

Recipe for 4 servings.
Cooking time - 45 minutes.

Champignons baked with quail eggs.


Separate the legs of mushrooms and chop. Slice the onions into cubes. Fry in vegetable oil until translucent. Add chopped mushrooms, and after 5 minutes - sour cream.

Salt and pepper to taste. Stew on medium heat, without covering, for another 5-7 minutes.

Grate the cheese on grater. Add to the fried mushrooms. Fill the mushroom hats with stuffing (no slides). Send the oven to a 180 ° C preheated oven in an oiled form.

After 20 minutes, remove the mushrooms. Make a teaspoon in each small groove. Smash one quail egg. Put in the oven for another 2-3 minutes.


Quail eggs are good for making sauces, snacks, omelets, salads, baked vegetables, sandwiches, cold soups, muffins, desserts.

As an independent dish they are eaten with boiled, fried, baked, pickled and smoked - the latter option is respected in China.

The taste of them is more saturated than that of chicken eggs. But from the point of view of gastronomy these products are similar. So, they are mutually replaced.
The main thing is to keep the proportions: 1 chicken egg = 5 quail eggs.

Intending to make scrambled eggs, consider the size as an important feature. While you are breaking the sixth or seventh egg into a frying pan, the first ones already have time to prepare. Therefore, it is better to first break all the eggs into a deep plate. Then fry all together.

By the way, to break a miniature egg so that it does not hit the crumbs of a thin shell. This is not a very simple task. You can cope, gently knocking on the blunt side (there is a cavity). Then gently remove some of the shell.

But if this product is a frequent visitor on the table, special scissors for cutting the shell with a hole on one of the blades will help out. They ideally remove the top of the raw quail eggs.

Their rules are also in the cleaning of already hard-boiled eggs. You need to roll on the table or lightly stretch it in the palms of your hands. Then the shell is removed by a thin ribbon.
And once a year you can beat the quail eggs against each other, having previously turned them into Easter eggs.

Thanks to its miniature dimensions and patchy pattern, quail eggs will effectively decorate the spring festive table.
Quail eggs are stored at a temperature of 0 to 8 ° C. Relative air humidity should be from 75 to 80%.

Champignons baked with quail eggs.


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