Champagne cocktail.

Champagne cocktail.

Champagne cocktail.

A cocktail with champagne A French kiss.

In the bars and on the Internet you can find several options for a cocktail French kiss. I like the recipe without strengthening the strength of the drink, i.e. Cooked only from two ingredients: champagne and raspberry puree. Prepare them, as well as any fruit and chocolate.


Champagne - 100 ml;
Raspberry puree - 1 teaspoon.

Cooking process:

With fruits you can do it in a simple and quick way. Peel and cut them into slices, lay on a saucer and pour / pour melted chocolate. Here, kiwi, banana and persimmons and dark chocolate.

A raspberry jam or jam is quite suitable as a raspberry puree. It is recommended to remove seeds from it. To do this, you just need to wipe it through a strainer.

Seeds of raspberries will remain in the sieve, and we will get a nice mashed potatoes.
In a glass with a wide neck, put raspberry puree.

Carefully pour the champagne over the side of the glass or on the knife.
A simple cocktail of champagne "The French Kiss" is ready.
Pleasant mood and occasion!

Champagne cocktail.

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