Cake Spartacus.

Cake Spartacus.

Cake Spartacus.

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Cake Spartacus. For chocaolte, especially, chocolate cake, the vast majority of people indifferent. Cake "Spartacus" was created specifically for fans of desserts. This famous delicacy, which heard many. In appearance cake FC Spartak resemble multi pleasure. Many people are hesitant to cook this cake for this reason.

In reality, nothing to fear, because the cake "Spartacus" with sour cream preparing simple enough. But it must be given to the preparation time and effort. This article describes a classic recipe for how to cook the cake "Spartacus." Also drew attention to some culinary tricks to help you get the perfect dessert.

What mistakes to avoid during cooking:

When dough is necessary not to overdo it with the amount of flour. The dough should not stick much;

To less cakes stuck, they are encouraged to cool off a bit until you start dough sheeting;

In the process of rolling cakes, which form the basis of cake, you must constantly priporashivat flour and dough and rolling pin;

If you get a very liquid cream, the cake "Spartacus" will be spoiled. The cream should be thick, so it is not dripping with cakes;

For the custard using pre-softened butter at room temperature;

These are the main features of the process to FC Spartak cake turned out like in the picture and pleased with its taste. From words to get down to business, and it all begins with the preparation of the necessary components.

Cake Spartacus.

Required ingredients (for cakes):

One hundred grams of butter;

Two chicken eggs;

Four tablespoons of cocoa;

Two tablespoons of honey;

Half a teaspoon of baking soda;

Three and a half cups of flour;

A glass of sugar;

For the cream:

750 g of cream (not less than 20% fat);

200 grams of powdered sugar;

For the chocolate glaze:

Four tablespoons of sugar;

Six tablespoons of hot water;

Two tablespoons of cocoa;

30 grams of butter;

Cake Spartacus.

Stages of cooking.

Preparation of dough and cakes.

To the cake "Spartacus" with sour cream turned out tasty, it is necessary to properly bake the cakes. This is the basis of the cake, which requires full attention. To prepare the test oil should melt in a water bath, add sugar and honey butter, cocoa and eggs (eggs previously necessary beat).

All the ingredients are mixed, and when the grains of sugar is completely dissolved, the dough should add soda. Immediately there were a lot of foam, which should be easy to stir vigorously. With the dough to remove the plate for about a minute. Now the dough add a third torment and stir thoroughly.

At this point, the dough should have moderately thick but elastic.
The rest of the flour should be emptied on a table and start kneading it into the dough gradually. Now, the dough should be divided into eight equal pieces. Each roll out, giving a rectangular shape. Cake "Spartacus" as a rule, have a classic rectangular shape. Roll out the dough is transferred to the baking paper. Now we have to make a stencil and attach it to each Korzh.

Baked cakes, due to the fact that they are thin, literally for 7-10 minutes at a temperature of 180 degrees Celsius. After baking the cakes should be a little cool. At this time, you can proceed to the preparation of the cream of sour cream.

Preparation of sour cream.

Sour cream whipped with sugar until foaming. When the grains of sugar no longer visible, you can sleep a little vanilla sugar to taste. All mix well and give the cream a little time. Now Cake Spartak ready for assembly.

To assemble the cake, "Spartacus" with sour cream and ready enough to lubricate the cooled cakes cooked cream of the cream and sugar. Finally, to the cake began to look classic and traditional, it is necessary to prepare chocolate glaze, which pour over dessert.

To prepare the chocolate is necessary to combine the ingredients and cook for two to three minutes on low heat, stirring constantly products. When the glaze thickens, it should be ready to pour the cake "Spartacus."

Looking at the finished cake Spartak, every woman understands this exquisite and unique dessert. But to each ingredient opened its flavor potential in all its glory, the cake is necessary to infuse for 10-12 hours in a cool place.

Cake Spartacus.


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