Cake Paris-Brest with coffee cream.

Cake Paris-Brest with coffee cream.

Cake Paris-Brest with coffee cream.

A wonderful dessert is sure to please you! Cake Paris-Brest with coffee cream.
With all the abundance of all kinds of desserts, one of my favorites is pastry from a custard (shu, eclairs, profiteroles) with a custard. In my opinion, this cream is very refreshing in the summer. Well, the brewing dough itself is not so hard for the stomach in the hot months.

The recipe I want to share is not new. They walk a lot on the Internet in different variations and performances. I want to share this with you.

Coffee lovers will appreciate the dessert.
To prepare the Paris-Brest cake with coffee cream we will prepare the products according to the list.


Milk - 90 g;
Water - 90 g;
Butter - 70 g;
Wheat flour - 125 g;
Eggs of chicken - 3-5 pcs .;
Salt - a pinch;
Sugar is a pinch.


Milk - 500 ml;
Instant coffee - 1 tbsp.
Sugar - 100 g;
Yolk of chicken eggs - 5 pcs .;
Wheat flour - 40 g;
Dark chocolate is 30 g.

Almond petals - if desired.

Cake Paris-Brest with coffee cream.

Cooking process:

Prepare the custard. Milk is brought to a boil, add the instant coffee. Stirring. We will set aside.

Corolla mix yolks and sugar. Add the flour. Stirring.
In the yolk mass, add a little coffee milk, stirring intensively the mass. In the remaining milk, add dark chocolate and stir until the chocolate dissolves.

Then, the yolk-coffee mass is poured into coffee-chocolate milk. We put the mixture on medium fire and cook, stirring, until thick. The custard is ready.

We cover it with a film in contact and in this form we will cool completely.
In the meantime, let's prepare a custard batter.

Cake Paris-Brest with coffee cream.

Mix milk and water, add butter, salt and sugar. We put on the gas and wait, when the oil is completely melted. Do not remove from the plate, add flour and stir intensively, so that there are no lumps.

Stir until until such a crust appears on the bottom. The dough will gather in a sure lump. We remove from the fire. Dough a little cool, then one by one we introduce eggs and mix. We shift it into a cornet and plant it on a baking tray, as shown in the photo.

Sprinkle with almond petals. Bake in the preheated to 190 degrees 15-20 minutes. Focus on your oven!

Billets for the cake are ready. We remove them from the baking sheet and completely cool it on the grate. We collect the cake. We cut it with a knife (it is convenient to use a knife for bread).
We spread the cooled cream and cover the second half.
Cake Paris-Brest with coffee cream is ready. Pleasant gastronomic impressions!

Cake Paris-Brest with coffee cream.

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