Cake Napoleon Lazy.

Cake Napoleon Lazy.

Cake Napoleon Lazy.

Cake Napoleon Lazy. Dessert recipes simple and delicious. 

Ingredients for the cake recipe:

1) wafer cookie -1 kg;
2) cream custard;
3) Milk l -1;
4) Egg 4 pcs;
5) Sugar - 1 tbsp .;
6) Vanilla sugar - 1 tsp;
7) Starch - 4-5 tablespoons;
8) Butter - 200 gr.

Cooking method:

To cook this delicious cake, I pour the milk in a saucepan. Then I cut into pieces butter and add to the milk. I bring to the boil. Next, you need sugar, eggs, vanilla - whip. I am adding starch and stir gently.

Pour in the egg mixture into the hot milk and butter.
Mixed. Then I put on a tiny fire. Varia, stirring constantly until it thickens.

I put on a dish cookies. Recoat hot cream.
To decorate some cookies are crushed. Sprinkle the sides and top of cake.

I am covering the finished cake with cling film. I put in the fridge.
After 2-3 hours the cake is already possible to try. But it is better to try this cake the other day.

Cake Napoleon - unusually tasty treat our childhood and adolescence. One is able to name his waft pleasant memories of cozy home gatherings, dinner parties, birthday parties, where such food was an indispensable attribute of the holiday.

His royal title Cake Napoleon received from Russian confectioners thanks to triangular shape, with a headdress resembles the famous French emperor. Previously, it was difficult to treat called a cake, rather - a large cake.

However, modern housewife preparing this confectionery product in the form of a rectangle and a circle, and even - crescent.

Cake Napoleon Lazy.


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