Cake Boucher.

Cake Boucher.

Cake Boucher.

Baking at home recipes.

Cooking Time - 50 minutes.
Ingredients for 6 servings. Cake Boucher.

3 eggs yolks.
3 protein.

70 gr. flour.
200 ml. cream.
1 tbsp. l. icing sugar.
100 gr. chocolate fondant.
white lipstick (it is convenient to put a piece of lipstick in a bag and warm under hot water, and then cut the corner and decorating).


Cream - the perfect filler for the bush as giving moisture, and they themselves keep their shape and soften the sponge cake. And the result is a most delicate cake.

For the bush can be used, and other fillers. For example, fruit toppings, cream or oil, or even protein. The only prerequisite - the surface of the cake should definitely glaze, jelly, chocolate or lipstick.

This is not only and not so much attached to the taste, the most important thing - it protects the delicate thin biscuit from zacherstveniya.

Cooking method.

1.Razogreyte oven to 180C.

2. For the biscuit, whisk the egg yolks with 2 3 sugar until very light dough.

3.Belki whisk thoroughly, add the sugar and whisk before the density and gloss.

4.Smeshayte whites and yolks.

5.Dobavte flour.

6. Make sure, but gently knead and shift in the package.

7.Otsadite on baking 20 cakes 65 mm in diameter.

8.For order to properly otsadit, keep pack close to the baking sheet, evenly pressing down on it until the cake reaches the desired diameter. Take the bag to the side, as if wiping the future tail test on the surface to remain flat tortilla.

9.Vypekat at 180 C for 20-25 minutes. Cool, just turn off the oven, without taking the bush.

10.Gotovym lozenges should be a complete rest for 4-5 hours.

11.Vzbeyte cream, add the powder and mix.

12.Razogreyte chocolate lipstick (you can add water or liquor) without heating above 55 ° C. Zaglaziruyte top cakes, selecting the most beautiful and smooth.

13.Na the flat side of the remaining tortillas otsadit cream, cover zaglazirovannye.

14.Ukraste white lipstick, otsazhivaya it in the form of a spiral. Cakes should be sure to stand for several hours in the refrigerator to biscuits watered. Bon Appetit!

Cake Boucher.


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