Brewed Lady’s fingers.

Brewed Lady's fingers.

Brewed Lady's fingers.

One of the delicacies, which indulged in the eastern beauties in the harems - Waxed "Lady fingers".

They "Fingers of beauties" and "Fingers of the Vizier" are a number of recipes of Arabic cuisine with a characteristic form and necessarily from a fried custard batter.

In different countries, names may vary slightly, and the shape can be either smooth or grooved, but it is always oblong and roughly corresponds to the length of the finger.

The dessert has the aroma and taste characteristic of the Oriental cuisine, but the uncommon Europeans: "Fingers of beauties" are traditionally abundantly poured with rose petals or flavored syrup.

And dough and syrup are further enriched with the aroma of citrus peel. In general, all together - it's something from the Thousand and One Nights, incredibly sweet and fragrant.

I once tried to do as it should (there is about 200 ml of jam from rose petals for such a quantity of dough) - for me this is a specific search both for the level of sweetness and for the level of "pinkness".

But, maybe, among the readers of this recipe there are fans of classical Arabian desserts - so you do it right, you know, it's impossible to re-sweeten them!

I recommend to all the rest friendly - do as you please. Frittated pastry dough, and even with orange peel - this is quite a naughty thing, even with a small amount of the most ordinary honey or sugar syrup.

It still has an interesting consistency and an "eastern" flavor, even without rose petals.

Brewed Lady's fingers.


Flour 150 g
Water 250 ml
Butter - 60 g
Eggs - 4 pcs.
Salt - 1 pinch
Orange - 0.5 pcs.
Jam from the petals of roses - to taste
Oil for fittings - according to need

Step-by-step recipe:

Three peel with half an orange. Everything, an orange is no longer needed. If you are not going to add it to honey or syrup.

Fully dissolve in hot water butter with a pinch of salt.

Remove the saucepan from the fire. We pour flour into it. Stir until homogeneous. Then we return to the plate. Brew the dough for 1-2 minutes with continuous stirring.

Remove the dough from the plate. We mix in it grated orange peel and eggs. Eggs interfere one at a time. The resulting dough should not be very thick.

We warm the vegetable oil to the point that the droplet of dough that comes into it immediately begins to hiss.

Place the dough in a tight pouch with a wide nozzle - or a smooth, or straight asterisk.

Plant the dough pieces approximately from the finger into the boiling oil.
Freestyle on both sides until golden. After extraction from the oil we give the custard "Lady's fingers" to drain.

Immediately before serving, water our "Fingers of beauties" with pink syrup.

Well, the final touch. Sometimes this dessert is sprinkled with chopped nuts. Everyone there pistachios and almonds.

Useful tips and additions to the recipe.
1. If you do not have jam from rose petals. It can be replaced with sugar syrup or liquid honey.

Brewed Lady's fingers.


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