Bressing for winter.

Bressing for winter.

Barshchou dressing for winter. 

Bressing for winter. Pickles.

Plus this recipe. Dressing Borshchovaya for the winter allows you not to buy expensive winter vegetables for cooking a full soup. Welded with a dressing soup of no color, no taste, no flavor will not give an annual borscht.

Borsch is prepared on the basis of fresh vegetables. This recipe is designed for approximately 2.5 liters of Borsch refueling.

Of course, if you really like soup, you can increase the number of ingredients accordingly. Then the filling will last for a long time. And also a larger number of pots with a delicious homemade soup.

Bressing for winter.

We will need these ingredients:

• Tomatoes - 1 kilogram,
• Bulgarian pepper - 1 kg,
• Garlic - 2 heads,
• peppers pepper - 1 piece,
• Onions - 0.5 kilograms,
• Sunflower oil - 100 ml,
• vinegar - 70 ml,
• greens, salt, sugar, spices and condiments - to taste.

The method of preparation, how to cook borsch dressing for the winter:

1. To begin with all the vegetables should be washed. With tomatoes, you can remove the skins, scalded with boiling water. Bulgarian pepper, according to tradition, must be cleaned of seeds and fibrous core. Peel the garlic and onions. Bitter pepper can also remove seeds: they give a basic bitterness, and refueling can be really vigorous with them.

2. Chop all the vegetables into small pieces, and then scroll through them in the conventional manual meat grinder. Try to make sure that there were ingredients in a meat grinder evenly - less need to stir.

3. Pour the vegetable mass resulting in an enamel pan, and begin to heat. Fill to oil and vinegar, add salt and sugar. If you like borscht in any seasoning or spices - can immediately add them to the gas station (the main thing, then do not forget about it, or the first soup will too spicy). Bring the mixture to a boil, loosen the heat to low and simmer for twenty minutes.

4. Pour the mixture into a pre-sterilized jars and immediately roll up their. Wrap them in a warm cloth and put up bottoms in a dark place, until they cool down. Once the mixture reaches room temperature, the banks can be rearranged in a dark cool place, where they will wait in the wings.

Bressing for winter.



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