Bread Pudding.

Bread Pudding.

Bread Pudding.

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Bread Pudding. One of the first recipes for bread pudding is embodied in the "Povarskoy and confectionery dictionary" John Note in 1723, in which he called the "milk pudding." In some early recipes instead of butter used the bone marrow, and the bread was replaced with rice. Last variation later became another popular British dessert - rice pudding. Bread Pudding.

We will need these ingredients:

50 g dried apricots (finely chopped)
50 g candied orange peel (chopped)
100 ml orange liqueur
50 g butter (softened) + for greasing
12 slices white bread, medium thickness
8 egg yolks
175 g of finely crystalline sugar
1/2 h. L. vanilla essence
300 ml of milk
300 ml of whipping cream.

For the frosting:

Small crystalls sugar


Deep-dish shape for baking volume of 1.75 liters (well greased with butter)

a large baking dish (which is suitable for water bath)

Cooking method:

How to Soak dried fruit and bread to prepare:

1 Fold the chopped dried apricots and candied fruit in a bowl and pour the liqueur. Tighten the bowl with cling film and put in a cool place to marinate overnight.

Spread 2 slices of white bread with butter, cutting off the crusts and cutting each slice into four triangles. Drain the liquor with dried apricots and candied fruit.

3 Put in the form of one-third of buttered bread slices in a single layer of oil up slightly overlapping. Sprinkle half the soaked dried fruit, put another third bread. Cover the dried fruit and cover with remaining bread triangles.

4 Whisk the egg yolks with the sugar and vanilla essence in a light cream is so thick that from the corolla stretched thick thread cream.

Cooking and baking cream pudding:

5 Heat the milk and cream and liqueur to a boil. Pour in cream sauce yolk mass, stirring whisk.

6 Pour the sauce warm bread in the form so that all the triangles are covered with liquid. Set aside for 30 minutes. Preheat oven to 180 ° C. Place the dish in the form of deep-form, pour in hot water so that it covered three quarters of the walls of the mold for baking.

7 Cook about 25 minutes until the pudding begins to harden. Check availability: press down the product with your fingers - it should spring back.

8 Remove the form of pudding from the water bath. Sprinkle sugar product so that it completely covered the pudding. Place the dish under a form-heated grill for 2-3 minutes, until caramelized to the surface shiny brown.

About the dish:

For 6-8 people:
Preparation time: 30 minutes
soaking time: at night (vegetables), 30 minutes (bread)
Cooking time: about 30 minutes
The temperature of the oven: 180 ° C

Dried apricots and candied orange, soaked in orange liqueur, combined with cream make this English dessert a real delight for gourmets.


If time is short, you can put the pudding bake at once, instead of giving the bread soak in the egg-cream filling. However, soak for half an hour allows the bread to soak up all the flavors blend stock, and as a result, the product will be more homogeneous and soft texture.
This pudding - perfect use of stale bread, which absorbs more moisture than cool.


A layer of sugar sprinkled on top of that pudding, caramelizing under a hot grill until crisp and shiny help protect the edges of slices of bread from carbonization.

Bread Pudding.


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