Braids with halva.

Braids with halva.

Braids with halva.

Pastry from yeast dough recipes.

Braids with halva. Look at this simple, but at the same time a unique recipe. Homemade bread "Braids" - a favorite dish for many people. How to Cook Homemade bread "Braids" at home will tell you a thorough description of each action with the addition of the photo.

The recipe of this culinary masterpiece contains a classical composition of ingredients, but you may like to cook on the list and make your adjustments to your liking.

Cooking - an interesting exercise, but not to harm their health, and not to gain extra weight, try each time to count the calorie content of each product.

Today, we will be ready, too, Braids, but not bread.

Braids with halva.

Items needed for cooking:

For the dough:
400 g - flour;
20 g - yeast;
200 ml - water or milk;
40 g - butter or margarine;
50 g - sugar;
1/3 h. L. - Salt;
2 pcs. - Eggs;

For filling:
200 g - halva;

For lubrication products and baking:
the yolk of one egg;

The complexity of the preparation: 

Preparation time: 2 hours 10 minutes

1 serving Calories: 222 kcal

Yeast dough will cook in the main recipe, that is the usual way. We leave the dough to rise in a warm place.
When the dough rises oval cake roll out and put on cake halva.
Incised on both sides of the knife along the length of the cake. We should form a band width of 1.5-2 cm.

Now we bend each strip at a time and gossip pigtail.

The last band join. Twist lubricates beaten egg yolk.
Leave for 15-20 minutes for proofing.
Bakery products. Temperature - 220 ° C, Time - 20-25 minutes.

Braids with halva.



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