Best ice cream.

Best ice cream.

Seal on cream. Best ice cream.

Best ice cream. The most delicious ice cream is a cream on cream, and not a mixture of milk and cream. Ice cream for its preparation is not needed, the mass itself during the freezing should only be grinded once.

We will need the following ingredients:

• 4 yolks
• 125 grams of vanilla sugar
• 300 ml of low-fat cream
• 300 ml cream of high fat content


• freezer with lid

Cooking method:

1 With a wooden spoon, mash the yolks with sugar in a homogeneous cream mass. On low heat bring to a boil low-fat cream.

2 Pour the hot cream into the yolk cream, continuously whisking until a uniform emulsion is obtained. Put mixture on the fire and cook, stirring, on low heat for 2-3 minutes. Do not allow the cream to boil, otherwise the yolks will be boiled and the cream will curdle. Pour the mixture into clean utensils and leave until completely cooled. Periodically mix to prevent the formation of a film on top.

3 Beat the creamy cream in a firm foam and, lightly pressing on the spatula, enter into the cold cream. Pour into a liter container for freezing and put in the freezer, without covering it. The mass should become dense around the edges, ice crystals will start to form, while in the middle the ice cream will still be soft.

4 Transfer the filler into a clean container and beat it with a mixer until a uniform air mass is obtained with all the broken ice crystals.

5 Put the mass back in the container, cover it and put it to a freeze until it is completely solidified. Put the ice cream in the refrigerator for 30 minutes before serving, so that it becomes softer and can be laid with balls.

Best ice cream.

About the dish:

For 6 people:
Preparation time: 30 minutes
Cooking time: 5 minutes
Freezing time: 2-3 hours, then 6 hours or overnight.

For chocolate ice cream grind on a grater or finely chop 150 g of dark chocolate, mix it into a hot cream until melting. For coffee ice cream, add 2 tsp to the heated cream. Instant coffee.

For fruit ice cream, mix together with whipped cream in a cold cream 250 g of scrambled strawberries, raspberries or other berries or fruits.

Marble ice cream or speckled ice cream can be obtained by mixing in a half-frozen mass of fruit puree, chocolate drops or finely chopped canned ginger, without stirring until complete homogeneity.

Best ice cream.

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