Best breakfast.

Best breakfast.

Best breakfast. Cheesecake chips with cheese.

Vegetable chips deservedly enjoyed popularity among fans of crispy snacks, and in adherents of dietary nutrition. Best breakfast. Recipes for this simple dish, like its calorie content, can be varied to infinity. Add all kinds of frying while frying and dipping the ready-made meals in appetizing sauces.

In the warm season traditional potato snacks give way to seasonal vegetables. The most affordable and suitable for chips are zucchini - tasty and low-calorie.

Wonderful chips are obtained from zucchini, in addition, they are much more useful and less caloric than purchased!

Best breakfast. 

🔸na 100gramm - 40.86 kkal🔸B / M / Y - 1.89 / 1.01 / 5.86🔸


Squash - 2 pcs;
Eggs - 1 piece;
Milk 1% - 1 tbsp. L;
Flour whole-grain flour - 3 tbsp. L;
Cheese - 50 g;
Garlic - to taste;
Salt, pepper - to taste.

Best breakfast.


Cut the marrow into slices 0.5 centimeters.
Beat the egg and milk. Combine cheese, flour.

Sprinkle with pepper, salt, add ground dried garlic.
All the slices of zucchini dip into the egg-milk mixture, zaparnirovat cheese mixture.

Put zucchini on a baking sheet, bake for 20 minutes, observing the temperature of 220 degrees.
You can decorate chips from a courgette with basil or tomato slices.

Bon Appetit!

Best breakfast.



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