Belgian orange coffee.

Belgian orange coffee.

Belgian orange coffee.


3 cups strong coffee,
1 egg white,
3 tablespoons of sugar,
1/2 cup orange liquor (can be replaced with syrup),
1/4 teaspoon vanilla,
Ground cinnamon - to taste,
1/2 cup cream,
A pinch of salt.

Belgian orange coffee.

How to cook:

In a bowl, whisk the protein with a pinch of salt into a firm foam.
Add sugar and 2 pinches of cinnamon and beat again.

In a chilled bowl, whisk the well-chilled vanilla cream into a firm foam.
Add protein, mix and place in 4 cups.

Stir in hot coffee and orange liquor and pour into cups.
Sprinkle cinnamon on top and whatever you like. Enjoy it.


Belgian orange coffee.


Festive coffee with spices.

Drink recipes at home. Recipe for coffee with cardamom.


Coffee, ground ⅔ cup,
Cinnamon sticks 4 pieces,
6 cups water,
Cardamom ½ teaspoon,
⅔ cup honey,
Milk taste.


1. Mix the coffee with broken into small pieces of cinnamon sticks, take the water and cook the coffee habit you want.

2. In hot coffee, add cardamom and honey and stir until completely dissolved.

3. Pour into cups, observing the following proportion: 2/3 of coffee - 1/3 milk per serving.

Belgian orange coffee..

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