Belgian coffee Liegeois.

Belgian coffee Liegeois.

Belgian coffee Liegeois. (Cafe Liegeois)

Belgian coffee Liegeois. Belgian coffee with yolk.
Do not rush to immediately fall into a stupor after such a combination. The yolk creates an unusual, stable emulsion, has a creamy structure after whipping. Many Europeans love cold and hot coffee with egg yolk.


Yolk 1 eggs;
A couple of dessert spoons of ground coffee;
0.2 l of water;
Sugar to taste;
A can of whipped cream.

Belgian coffee Liegeois


The proportions can be changed to your own taste, making the drink more sweet or strong.

Cooking according to plan: Combine the yolk and sugar, grind to a white emulsion;

Make coffee in cezve;

Fill the coffee cup with the yolk;

Gently pour over coffee;

Decorate with cream.

Belgians make sweet coffee with heavy cream, rubbing a good portion of quality chocolate on top of all the splendor. It is allowed to exchange sugar for honey, and cream for condensed milk, which will enrich the taste with a new warm tone.

Try wonderful, delicious and nutritious coffee with egg yolk. This drink is different from the usual coffee, because it is thick, sweet and, one might say, satisfying. An unusual combination of products gives an amazing effect. Surprise your guests with a new coffee drink that they will like.

Belgian coffee Liegeois.

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