Beef stew.

Beef stew.

Beef stew.

Simple beef stew recipe.

The stew is good because it can eat without fear of adults and children. It is obtained by low-fat and soft, especially if you take this beef tenderloin.

This dish can be served with a variety of side dishes, salads and greens. Today we'll show you how to prepare beef stew.

Many people today prefer to rely on multivarku, which significantly saves time and during cooking do other things.

Many recipes beef dishes can be prepared just in it. This is one of them. We will talk about how to cook at home tasty meat without further ado.


Tenderloin of beef (shoulder) - 700-800 g
Bulb - 1-2 pieces
celery root - 100 g
Dried rosemary and sea salt - 1 teaspoon
Sweet pepper dried (paprika) - 3 teaspoons

The recipe of beef stew.

You can not worry that the liquid boils away or evaporate. There'll be stewing in its own juice, giving flavor and making food more juicy and tender. Meat and other ingredients that require a long period of languor or braising, easy to cook in this kitchen gadget.

We cut the meat.
In this case it is best to take the part of the beef carcass that is right for extinction. This may be the neck, shank or blade. Meat, wash, cut into small cubes

Loading in multivarku.
Fold in multivarku. Onions clean, chop as finely as possible and send it in a bowl with meat.

Add the onions.
Take the prepared celery root, cut it into strips and add to the meat and onions. He will give the dish a unique flavor, enrich it. Beef gets his unusual taste due to the use of spices.

Add the seasonings.
Add the remaining ingredients - rosemary, paprika and salt. You can vary the number of their own taste. Some add a little garlic. All mix well. Set on multivarka "Quenching" mode for one hour. By the end of this time, the meat is tender and very juicy.

Serve the dish can be garnished, which absorbs the liquid. For example, rice or other grains crumbly. But thanks to a fragrant, thick gravy, this dish is an excellent option for lunch or dinner in any combination. We offer you free only delicious recipes, which will decorate your table and fill feed the household and guests.

Beef stew.

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