Bars Energy cook at home.

Bars Energy cook at home.

Bars Energy cook at home.

Healthy desserts with fruit.

Dessert - a fragrant, natural, healthy and easy to prepare. Healthy desserts. And most importantly, this dessert is easy to make at home from the fact that there are currently at hand. Very useful, very tasty, and most importantly easy to prepare!

Healthy desserts.


• nuts
• Sunflower seeds
• oat flakes;
• dried fruits;
• Coconut
• honey.

Healthy desserts.


1. Dried fruits, nuts, cereals - all take equally, coconut - a few pinches of smell. Add a little honey in the process of kneading.

The method of cooking the recipe: crush nuts, oatmeal, sunflower seeds and coconut fry in a dry frying pan. Promyt suhofrukty and peremolot in a blender or myasorubke.

All is well in smeshat glubokoe bowl. When mixed dobavlyat ponemnogu honey. Massu vymeshivat do gustoty. Massu vylozhit in neglubokuyu form horosho utrambovat and sdelat nebolshie nadrezy. Nadrezy need chtoby mozhno bylo udobney razlamyvat nashi batonchiki.

Put nashi batonchiki in holodilnik on polchasa. Upakovat date every batonchik in plastic wrap. For those who love shokolad. Batonchik can obmaknut in rastoplenny shokolad. It is even tastier!

Bars Energy cook at home.

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