Baked Poached Eggs.

Baked Poached Eggs.

Baked poached eggs with Dutch sauce.

An unusual and delicious snack for your breakfast. Baked poached eggs. Poached eggs on an air roast bun.

COOKING TIME: 40 minutes.
NUMBER OF PORTS: 2 portions.
CALORIUM: 300 kcal.


Bread (soft brioche bun) 2 pcs.
Eggs 5 pieces.
Cheese 2 slices.
Ham 2 pieces.
Butter (cream) 100 g.
Juice (lemon) 40 ml.
Salt to taste.
Pepper (freshly ground) to taste.

Cut the buns in half and brown on a dry Teflon pan.

Pour in a small pot of water, add a little lemon juice, put on a fire and bring to a boil.
For Dutch sauce put three yolks in a bowl and add the lemon juice (25 ml). Place the bowl on a pot of boiling water (it is important that the bowl does not touch the surface of the water).

Beat yolks with lemon juice whisk about 5 minutes, until they become lush. Start pouring melted butter with a thin trickle, continuing to whisk.

When the sauce thickens, remove it from the water bath, salt and pepper. Leave to cool down.
The two remaining eggs are broken into separate small bowls. Water with lemon juice should not boil, so put it on a slow fire.

Spoon the water in the funnel and pour one egg into it. Cook it for about 3.5 minutes (depending on the size of the egg). Get a noisy. Do the same with the second egg.

On toasted halves of buns put the filling to taste - it can be a piece of smoked salmon, toasted ham, cheese or spiced with spinach.
Place the poached egg on top. Pour the Dutch sauce.

Preheat the oven in the grill mode to a maximum (220 degrees). Put the buns with egg and sauce as close to the grill for 30-45 seconds (the egg should not be cooked).
Serve a dish with a green salad.

Baked Poached Eggs.

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