Baked fish recipe.

Baked fish recipe.

Baked fish recipe.

Baked fish recipe. How to cook fish in the oven quickly and tasty.

We will need these ingredients:

• Mackerel (or other marine fish with a small amount of bone) - 2-3 pieces,
• Onions - 3 heads,
• Carrots - 2-3 pieces,
• Salt, pepper, spices, seasonings, herbs - to taste.

Baked fish recipe.

How to prepare, how to prepare:

Preparatory stage. Put the oven to heat up to 180 degrees Celsius. At this time to clean the carrots and onion rings and we shall cut them.

After that - and wash the fish and to cut it. In order to cut mackerel, cut off her head, so that the gill slits are not left on the body.

Thereafter nadrezh her belly and pull out all the insides. Carcasses to be sure rinse with water and let them dry out a bit.

Prepare a mixture of salt and spices. To fish are best suited black pepper and coriander. Sprinkling her carcass inside and out, to better soaked meat flavor spices.

Take a sheet of foil, put on it a layer of onion rings such lengths and widths to fit it on a mackerel. Top cover rings carrots carcass, after which the resulting composition is in the seal of the envelope foil.

Lay received an envelope (number taken fishes) on a baking sheet and place in oven. The larger the fish - the longer it is baked; Mackerel is preparing a medium-sized about 20-25 minutes.

Fish recipes baked.

About the dish:

Many people believe that they know how to cook the fish in the oven as much as possible to eat tasty and quickly. However, almost all complain that the fish becomes dry after oven, rigid, breaks down into fibers or become tasteless.

To prevent this, you need to somehow prevent the fish to lose moisture during cooking. The way to do this and there has long been practiced widely in cooking. Simply having covered the fish with foil or shook it in an envelope, you protect your dish from the loss of moisture and flavor.

For cooking oven best sea fish with a small amount of bone (excluding the spine and ribs). The ideal option would be a mackerel - only desirable to take fresh chilled fish, rather than frozen (unless, of course, there is a possibility).

As a result, the fish will not lose any water droplets, fed with all used spices and will simply stunning. Carrots and onions are great for any kind of fish.
This dish goes well with boiled potatoes, and they can surprise even the most sophisticated gourmet.

Baked fish recipe.

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