Armenian Baklava.

Armenian Baklava.

Armenian Baklava.

Dessert recipes are simple and delicious.

One dish that is famous Armenian cuisine - baklava. It was invented by the chef of the Sultan over five hundred years ago, and today the Armenian baklava sweets pleases everyone.

This sweetness is as popular as ituretskaya baklava. but today we will look at how to make baklava is Armenian.
How to cook the Armenian baklava?


Eggs - 3 pieces;
Sugar - 1 cup;
chopped walnuts - 1.5-2 cup;
a bag of cinnamon - 1 piece;
honey - 1 cup
flour - 900 g;
Sugar - 1 cup;
butter - 200 g;
Eggs - 5 pieces;
Milk - 1 cup;
Yeast - '25.


Recipe is quite simple. First, prepare the dough. With him it is necessary to tinker: let stand for half an hour, then make a "deep massage", and then leave to rest.

Now roll out the cake 4, each of the lubricating oil, and note once again come together, and then repeat the process rolling. This can be done 4-5 times, then turn out cakes really layered and airy. When they are ready, we proceed to the filling.

First of all it is necessary to separate the whites and whip. Then the nuts are mixed with cinnamon, sugar and honey. On a greased baking sheet lay out the first cake, pour it generously whipped whites and sprinkle with a third filling.

Thus, layer by layer, lay out our future baklava. Top cake, crowning all this beauty, smazhem remaining from filling yolk - when the crust is golden and crispy.

Now it's oven. Please leave our structure in the oven for 15 minutes until the top is dry cake. Then, taking out the pan to pour over baklava syrup and melted to make cuts.

A final bake of about 30 minutes.
That's all. Now that you know how to prepare baklava Armenian, and this dessert can pamper their loved ones.

Armenian Baklava.

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