Apricot puffs.

Apricot puffs.

Apricot puffs.

Today, I sing again an ode to a ready-made puff pastry and to one who decided to sell it in stores! It's so cool that you do not have to mess around with the dough and you can cook a delicious dish for tea in 20-25 minutes !!

Apricot puffs are delicious, no, it's VERY tasty, and simple, and fragrant, and ... and it needs to be cooked urgently !!
Prepare all the products for making apricots. You need to take apricots hard. Soft and overripe do not fit!

Apricot puffs.


Puff pastry - 400 g
Apricots - 6-7 pieces.
Brown sugar - 2 tbsp.
Egg of chicken - 1 pc.

Cooking process:

Remove the puff pastry from the refrigerator and let it soften a little. Then roll the rolling pin into the layer 2-3 mm.
We need two glasses of different diameters. We cut out circles with a glass of larger diameter.

In half of the circles cut circles with a glass of a smaller size. The size of the hole in the circle should be slightly larger than the size of the apricot.
Collect the pieces of dough, roll it first into the ball, and then roll it out and repeat the two previous steps.

Beat the egg with a fork and lubricate the dough circles with a silicone brush.
Put half a teaspoon of brown sugar in the center of each circle.

Apricots shall be washed and dried with paper napkins. Cut it in half and remove the bones.
For each circle, put half of the apricot side down, covering the sugar.

We cover the apricot with the second circle, as in the photo.
At me the smaller glass all the same has appeared large enough diameter. If you have the opportunity, make the inner circle smaller, then the puffs will turn out to be more beautiful in the finished form.

Lubricate the upper circle of the dough and the apricot with the egg.
We lay out the blanks of the puffs on the baking tray and send them to the oven heated to 180 degrees C for 20-25 minutes.

Ready-made apricot puffs let's cool, sprinkle them with powdered sugar before serving to the table.
Enjoy your tea drinking!

Apricot puffs.


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