Appetizers for parties.

Appetizers for parties.

Appetizers for parties.

How to prepare a carpaccio for a festive table? Carpaccio is a cold dish, a very tasty and fragrant snack.

Observing all the requirements of the recipe, you will be able to cook a real culinary masterpiece from the most common products. Such an Italian dish will not only be an excellent snack. This is a real decoration of the festive table. The main plus carpaccio - it is prepared very quickly and easily.

To prepare a cold dish we will need:

Chicken fillet (should be taken chilled) - 1 pc. at 300 g;
Lemon is not large - 1 fruit;
Olive oil (take the first spin) - a large spoon;
Freshly ground black pepper,
Salt cooked (use fine) - add to taste.

How to cook carpaccio at home?

For this dish, the chicken breast should only be purchased in a chilled form. Ideally - to use white chicken meat. With him, a cold snack will be much more delicious and tasty.

So, to make carpaccio at home:

Breast poultry is thoroughly washed in cool water. Then remove from them various films, skin, veins and bones.

The remaining fillets are divided into several parts. Dry with paper towels (you can use waffle). Finally, each piece of meat is wrapped in food film. They put it in the freezer.

It is highly discouraged to turn chicken meat into a block of ice. After all, the process of freezing is necessary for us, first of all, so that the fillet can be easily chopped in thin slices.

Preparation of sauce.

While chicken breasts are frozen. Proceed to prepare a classic carpaccio sauce. To do this, take fresh lemon juice. Beat it together with olive oil. Do this with a corolla. Then all the ingredients are peppered and salted to taste.

The process of formation.

After a short frost, the chicken fillet is taken out. Release from food film. Then the product is carefully cut into thin slices. Use for this long and sharp knife or special slicer for meat.

Slightly thawed chicken breasts beautifully spread on a flat dish. Pour ready juice from lemon and olive oil.

Appetizers for parties.


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