Appetizer ideas.

Appetizer ideas.

Appetizer ideas.

Marinated carrots with daikon in Vietnamese.

Juicy marinated with daikon carrots - a light snack that will add spice to sandwiches, complement meat and stews.
Marinated carrots with daikon - a traditional dish of Vietnamese cuisine. This light, useful and pleasantly refreshing vegetable snack is best known as a component of the Vietnamese sandwich "Ban Mi", but can also be served as a side dish or a self-serving dish.

Appetizer ideas.

Juicy, sweet and sour, slightly crispy pickled carrots with daikon is a perfect example of a budget, useful and tasty snack that can be prepared for future use and stored for a long time, using as needed.

The appetizer perfectly matches with different types of meat, fish and cereals, can be used as a vegetable garnish for main courses and juicy additions to sandwiches. Try it!

Cooking time: 20 min.

30 kcal per 100 g


Carrots - 300 g
Daikon - 500 g
Water - 500 ml
Rice vinegar / white wine - 50 ml
Sugar - 2 tbsp. (50 g)
Salt - 1.5 tbsp (45 g)

To prepare snacks, you will need the ingredients listed in the list.
Rub the peeled carrots and daikon on a special grater or cut into long thin slabs.

Mix the vegetables and place in a jar or other hermetically sealed container, resistant to temperature changes. Large chopped pieces of vegetables, laying in a container, try to arrange vertically, in order to preserve their integrity.

Combine water, sugar, salt and rice vinegar. Stirring, bring the mixture almost to the boil. A hot marinade will speed up the process of marinating vegetables a little, and also will quickly dissolve salt and sugar.
Pour the vegetables with a hot marinade.

Allow the vegetables and marinade to cool to room temperature, and then seal the container sealed and place in the refrigerator for 3 days.

Thinly sliced ​​vegetables acquire an appetizing flavor for 2 days already, but the fullest taste of the snack is revealed, beginning with 3-4 days of marinating.

Marinated carrot with daikon in Vietnamese ready. In the refrigerator, in a sealed, previously sterilized container, you can store a snack 2-3 weeks (personally tested).

According to unverified information, the shelf life can reach 3-4 months.

Appetizer ideas.




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