Almond desserts.

Almond desserts.

Almond cakes.

Almond desserts. Recipes for desserts. Easy baking recipes.


• 3 pcs. large eggs whites for bezeynyh halves
• 25 grams of sugar for bezeynyh halves
• 200 grams pudra saharnaya for bezeynyh halves
• 125 grams of ground almonds for bezeynyh halves
• food colorings. for bezeynyh halves
• 2 pcs. egg yolks for the stuffing
• 50 grams of sugar for the filling
• 3 drops of vanilla essence (vanilla taste) for filling
• 2 tbsp. l. flour for the filling
• 200 ml. milk for the filling
• food colorings. For filling

Almond cakes.



1) Protein whisk in a stable foam. Portions sypte sugar, whip, should get a shiny mass. In a blender icing sugar and ground almonds grind into a fine powder. All thoroughly. The dough must be uniform and must fall off wide ribbon with the blade.

2) Take a sheet of baking paper and draw a 5 laps in 3 rows, diameter = 4 cm. Painted paper side down on a baking sheet Transfer. Dough pour into pastry bag.

In the center of each circle on the squeeze bulb. Baking should shake, weight evenly distributed. On 15 minutes, leave to dry.

The surface of the product should be a sticker before baking. Preheat oven to 150 ° C. Within 8-10 minutes, bake, meringue should be dense. Let cool and remove gently from the paper. It takes thirty halves.

3) whisk the egg yolks and sugar in a thick light cream. Stir the flour. Warm milk (! Not to bring to a boil) Hot milk stream pour in the egg cream - whip.

Vanilla essence and add the dye, drain into a pan where the warmed milk. Stir, boil, let the cream thicken. Put in the fridge. Cream Spread half the meringue and the other half cover. Hold it down.

Almond desserts.


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