Almond cookies.

Almond cookies.

Almond cookies.

Cinnamon biscuits with almonds "Masha and Pasha".

Delicious, awesome, easy-to-prepare cookies are the perfect snack for coffee and tea!


Flour - 250 g
Sugar - 200 g
Ground Almonds - 50 g
Cinnamon - 50 g
Butter - 180 g
Salt - 2 g
Soda - 3 g
Egg - 1 pc.

Almond cookies.

Cooking Cookies:

1. Make cinnamon sugar by mixing sugar and cinnamon.

2. Mix the egg, soft butter and cinnamon sugar until smooth.

3. Add salt, soda and crushed nut to the flour - mix.

4. Gradually add flour to the cinnamon mass.

5. Mix everything, form the same sausages from the resulting dough (with a diameter of 5 rubles) and send to the freezer to make the dough solid.

6. Cut frozen sausages from the dough into a thickness of 5 mm.

7. Lay out on a sheet - so that there is room for enlargement.

8. Bake for 17 -20 minutes. at a temperature of 180 degrees.
Cookies with cinnamon and almonds "Masha and Pasha" is ready! Bon Appetit!

Almond cookies.

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