Adjika the winter without cooking.

Adjika the winter without cooking.

Adjika the winter without cooking.

A lot of people love adjika for its delicious taste, which is suitable for many dishes. Adjika the winter without cooking. As a snack it is also a great option: just smear it on bread or pita bread and all.

Homemade sauce, of course, there will be little to remind the burning mixture, which is prepared in the Caucasus. But it is more suited to us, not as accustomed to fiery seasonings east. Cooked according to our recipe adjika the winter without cooking has a very delicate taste, and requires very little time.

Cooking with pleasure. A delicious recipe for Adjika.

We will need these ingredients:

  • Sweet red pepper (1 kg);
  • Apples are very acidic (0.5 kilograms)
  • Bitter pepper (thirteen pods);
  • Garlic (0.5 kilograms);
  • Carrots juicy and ripe (0.5 kilograms);
  • vinegar six percent (0.5 liters).
  • Tomato paste (800 grams). Here note: take the product, packaged in glass jars, sterilized.

If desired, you can make your changes in the recipe, perfected it for yourself. For example, add favorite spices, salt and other vegetables.

How to prepare, how to prepare:

All vegetables thoroughly wash and dry. Brush your peppers from seeds and tails, remove the peel from the carrots and apples, remove from the latter midway. Pour over boiling water several times a meat grinder and passed through it, all the prepared vegetables. Add to the mass of the tomato paste and vinegar.

Now you need to prepare the banks. Adzhika the winter without a pre-stored cooking container and baked in a cold place. So, put on fire a metal cup and boil water in it.

When bubbles appear, put her jar upside down and hold for about a minute. Everything is now possible to fill her prepared sauce. Close the lid tightly and hide in the refrigerator.

Due to the fact that the products used for the preparation adzhika not subjected to heat treatment, they retain their initial color and all nutrients. And is it not so important in conservation? In addition, the sauce is amazing taste, fiery pungent and spicy. Make this myself!

Adjika the winter without cooking.


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